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Types Of Virtual Private Server

Types Of Virtual Private Server

Whenever you want to buy vps hosting, you can’t pick any of vps server to meet your requirement. Finding the right vps hosting is not easy to consider as beginners as well as experts too. Mostly users are confusing which types of virtual private server will be perfect for you. In this post we are discussing on different types of vps server hosting which helps you to clear your doubts and give a proper knowledge about types of virtual private server.

Types Of VPS Server Hosting

Windows VPS – As we know all, it is based on a windows operating system and it has similar access and performance levels to that of a dedicated server. If you need to install and run some of the most common windows applications such as ASP, ASP.NET & Microsoft SQL, so this is the perfect for you.

Linux VPS – Linux VPS is created on Linux OS and supports several web features such as PHP, POP3, MySQL etc. Linux is an open source operating system, so these VPS hosting packages are generally very cost effective.


Different Types Of Virtual Private Server

1. OpenVZ VPS Hosting

OpenVZ is an OS level virtualization technology based on the Linux kernel. Here the kernel divides the OS into separate sections called containers. The OpenVZ VPS Hosting runs multiple secure isolated VPS on a single physical server without affecting other applications running on it. Each OpenVZ VPS Server behave like an independent server and provides compartmentalized file systems with full root access. This gives virtual private server administrators a reliable performance with an independent server.

Advantages Of OVZ VPS Server :
  • Less Costly / Cheapest Price
  • Easy to install And User Friendly
  • Do Not Perform Full Virtualization
  • Only Support Linux Operating System
  • Use Resources In A Very Efficient Manner
  • OpenVZ VPS Significantly Saving Memory and CPU Resources
  • Node Can Be Utilized To Maximum (Server Resources: CPU, RAM).– But If Other Client Consumes More CPU, It Will Affect All The Users In The Node.



KVM stands for kernel-based virtual machine. It operates on a full virtualization process where the virtual private server built on top of the physical server act as an independent host machine. All resources are dedicated to each users and not shared with other user even if you are using the same on dedicated server. You can user your own resources such as CPU, RAM, Storage & Bandwidth. KVM VPS is popular for its reliability and performance. KVM VPS is open source virtualization technique that supports all major operating systems like Linux, Windows. In short KVM VPS Server gives you all the benefits of a dedicated server with complete isolation and security benefits.

Advantages Of KVM VPS Server :
  • Gives You Full Virtualization Process
  • Support OS Linux, Windows, Fedora Etc
  • Individual Kernel  And Separate Modules
  • Resources Uses Act As A Dedicated Server
  • Offering Users The Option To Install OS Manually
  • Can Run On Multiple Virtual Machines Simultaneously



With Xen VPS entity is fully isolated from its surroundings; reliability, stability and security. It is most dependable and flexible virtualization technology available in the market. The available memory is expandable using SWAP files. Xen VPS is compatible with almost every OS capable of functioning inside a paravirtualization environment.

Every Xen VPS is fully separated from every other instance found on the respective hardware, which means no system’s performance can be affected by another. That means this is much better than shared hosting if you are particular about squeezing the juice out of your plan, and want your resources dedicated to hosting your website exclusively. It aims to provide a mechanism through which the Linux kernel can be used as a hypervisor when virtualizing computer systems. Xen VPS hosts will usually pre-allocate Ram and CPU cores to the xen hypervisor so it has its own dedicated resources that guests cannot impact on to achieve stability.

Advantages Of XEN VPS Server :
  • XEN VPS Does Not Rely On The Host Node’s Kernel
  • XEN VPS Hosting provides bare metal hypervisor options to buyers
  • It Has More Overhead Compared With OpenVZ VPS But Less Than KVM VPS.

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