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Advantages And Benefits Of VPS Hosting

Advantages And Benefits Of VPS Hosting

Advantages Of VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is one of the most preferred solutions for small to medium sized businesses. VPS is stands for Virtual Private Server. The VPS Hosting effectively fills the gap between the limitations of shared hosting and dedicated server. A VPS Server is created by virtualization software which partitions a single physical server to form multiple servers. Each virtual server also offering completely independent functions like as an actual server. The main advantages and benefits of vps hosting, gives you a level of control similar to dedicated server at very affordable pricing.


Benefits Of VPS Hosting

  • Reliability & Performance

When you upgrade your website on VPS Hosting. Results are amazing and more reliable because it does not share your cpu and memory resources to other customers. In other words performance is totally based on the resource availability. In VPS Hosting, you will get more resources which help you to fulfill your business need. It never get affected with heavy traffic or any type of computing activities performed by other customers.

  • Dedicated Resources

Just like a dedicated server, all the resources of your virtual private server are dedicated entirely to you. The amount of Disk Space, CPU and RAM available for a VPS is significantly more than you get with a shared hosting account. Which mean you can handle more traffic on your business applications.

  • Software Freedom

In shared hosting you cannot install any software of your choice not even you can install any OS because it is shared among multiple users. But when you go with VPS Hosting there is no such restriction. It gives complete software management and utilization. You can install any software, applications, apps which are required for your business and can upgrade also.

  • Full Root Access

Root access gives you complete control over your VPS Hosting account from configurations to software installations. All of the actions can be handled from the interface of your control panel application as well as command prompt. 

  • Managed VPS

The managed vps server hosting options make you free from all updating and installation process. Your hosting companies will take all these responsibilities on your behalf. A good provider will maintain the virtualization software and your operating system. They also provide security tweaks for your vps server. This is how managed server hosting can improve the speed of your site, which can affect your SEO efforts as well.

  • Technical Support

You will get 24*7 technical supports. If you have an issue with your server or require more assistance on it than a technical expert will always be there to deal with the issue. Most of the VPS Hosting Company gives you security and consultancy to keep your VPS running optimally.

  • Server Monitoring

Due to security reason some VPS providers continuously monitor your server and associated hardware so that your website do not get hacked by any hacker and also keep it safe from malware attacks.

  • Multiple Domain Support

VPS hosting support more than one domain even without compromising with performance. No one knows when your business needs more resources. If you are running on shared hosting then your resources get shared and also compromised with performance. The much greater resources available on VPS mean that multiple domain hosting can take place without any performance issues arising.



VPS Hosting is the cheapest way to upgrade from shared hosting. Virtual Private Server provides many features of a dedicated server with more resources, increased control and flexibility. It is one of the ideal solutions for small and medium-sized businesses provided with technical support.

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